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MICRO-D 37 Position Pin Breakout Board (Right Angle)

The Series "100" Breakout Boards are used for Electrical Integration and Test of Systems, Components, and Harnessing. The Micro-D Connector options allow for easy access to signals and Connector Pins for Safe-to-Mate, Prototype, Signal integrity, and Troubleshooting. 


Easily Integrate into FlatSat Bench setups for Satellite and CubeSats


 Pair the "100" Series with the "201" & "202" Series Banana Jack Adapter Breakout Boxes for a custom End-to-End Systems Integration and Test Bench Solution.

MICRO-D 37 Position Pin Breakout Board (Right Angle)

  • ●    Micro-D - Right Angle
    ●    Pin Count 37
    ●    Contacts = Pins
    ●    J2 Header- Pitch: .100" (2.54 mm)
    ●    Mate to 37 Pos Banana Jack Adapters
    ●    J2 Accepts Std. 0.025" square Jumpers

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