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NANO-D 15 Position Pin Breakout Board (Wired)

MIL-DTL-32139 Integration and Test Board providing access to Nano-D Connector pins and signals. Allows Safe-to-Mate, In-line test & easy access for test measurements of sub-systems. Test points accept standard Oscillicsope probes. The J2 Header is a standard 0.100” (2.54mm) pitch header with 0.025” sq Posts that accepts jumper wires. Use with our In-line adpapter board boxes for all of your end-to-end system testing needs.


Manufactured by Desert Viking Technical

NANO-D 15 Position Pin Breakout Board (Wired)

SKU: 0057 ASY100-ND-15P
  •  ●   Nano-D - Wired

    ●    Pin Count 15

    ●    Contacts = Pins

    ●    J2 Header- Pitch: .100" (2.54 mm)

    ●    Mate to 15 Pos Banana Jack Adapters

    ●    J2 Accepts Std. 0.025" square Jumpers

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